Walk With Me

Having trouble communicating with someone?

Just cannot seem to find common ground and it’s not getting any better. Try this!

Last weeks blog I talked about ways to think about listening. And while intellectual concepts are important, I like the “How To” stuff. This week let’s talk about a technique that can help with conflict and just encourage good old-fashioned communication.

It is called A Walk. I know, I know, right? I just blew your mind. Before you quit reading… stay with me because many of us are weak on communication skills and sometimes just lazy about it. Guys, if you don’t agree, just ask your wife:) The fact is that communication is an area in which we could all grow and I am not just talking about enhancing your 140 character limited twitter skills.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in an argument, you are often face to face? Think about the last argument you had with a significant other, co-worker, or friend. It most likely started face to face or voice to voice. The attitude was similar to a face off in hockey where you both players are fighting for the puck because it is all about winning. That type of communication can often lead to an even worse position, and that is back to back which means you now have both turned away from one another and you are not dealing with anything. The situation will NEVER get better by ignoring it.

Sometimes it’s not that bad though. Maybe you just find your relationship with someone is drifting and feeling a bit distant. Could be kids, significant other, co-workers or people you manage at the office and in any of these scenarios, this technique can help.

Invite someone to take a walk. An amazing thing happens when you cease being face to face and begin to walk in the same direction. It can take the pressure off of the situation and encourage openness on both parties. The whole point is that you are coming alongside someone, not at them. The change of scenery and habits in communication can often bring a sense of refreshment to the communication.

One of the top issues in marriage, business, parenting and just fill in the blank… is communication. Good communication is a learned skill and walking together with someone will help both parties learn positive ways to do it.

Think about those relationships that may be going through a difficult time and while you are walking, remember last weeks blog as you listen.  Have a great day!

Be Encouraged,


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