The Process

  1. Commit a few weeks to seeking the Lord in a special way.
  2. Meet once a week either online or in person to learn, process and discuss what you are learning.
  3. Reading – The reading is not overly heavy, but it is very focused. The process has been developed for people with busy schedules.
    1. Morning Devotionals with Scripture and a devotional from the book 40 Days of Surrender which can be found on Amazon.
    2. Evening Reading Schedule that includes selected reading from Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship and ends with the Go Disciple Book
  4. Fasting from something. Usually, it is TV and Internet for 40 Days except for what is needed for work or school. The point is that you deny yourself while you are learning what it means to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.  This may sound a little scary but trust us. This is one of the most awesome experiences for the dozens upon dozens of people who have gone through Go Disciple.
  5. Go make disciples. Remember, the point is to be a disciple and then go make disciples.
If you have any questions or just want to talk, fill out the form below.

Contact Form

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