Churches and Discipleship

Personally walking with you through Go Disciple. 

  1. With exciting technology such as Go To Meeting, we can talk and see each other, share screens as we work through the material, and discuss what God is doing in our lives as we seek to be a disciple who makes disciples. This is probably one of the most exciting opportunities we have because this allows us to work together no matter the distance. We have already started this aspect of ministry and the possibilities are astounding. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Option 1   16 Weeks

Pastor and Staff Separately 

Step 1: Pastor personally goes through Go Disciple with weekly meetings through an online meeting platform which we provide. This usually lasts around 8 weeks and is for the Pastor personally. This time is for personal growth, encouragement, and refreshment.

Step 2. We take the staff through Go Disciple for 8-10 weeks and the pastor goes through it with Chad as a leader using our online meeting platform. This allows the pastor to see Go Disciple from the leaders perspective.

Step 3: 2 Day installation retreat. This is where Chad and the staff work together to implement a plan for discipleship for the church. This is an awesome time of prayer, encouragement, and planning. These times are best spent away from the church campus.

Step 4: Ongoing consultation for the next 8 weeks as the church begins the discipleship process.


Option 2   8-10 Weeks

Pastor along with staff leadership team.

Step 1: The Lead/Senior Pastor and leadership go through the Go Disciple Process as a team.

Step 2: The Leaders commit to walking through Go Disciple with Chad as a small group. (5 people are the maximum per group)

  • We meet via Go To Meeting weekly together.
  • Individual phone calls for conversations and debriefing

Step 3: At the end of the time around week 8 we have 2 Day installation retreat. This is where the Chad and the staff work together implement a plan for discipleship for the church. This is an awesome time of prayer, encouragement, and planning.

Step 4: The Leader identifies other leaders within their congregation or organization that have the desire to go through Go Disciple. After prayerful consideration leader offers to take those identified on the journey and walk with them. They have to commit ahead of time and understand what they are committing to as well.


Option 3

A leader other church leaders once a week with a maximum of 4 people per group.

Church or Leadership going through the discipleship process.

  1. Small group discipleship – you will be connected with 3 other leaders. These others may be from around North America and possibly other countries. This has been a fascinating and encouraging time as leaders connect with others and build relationships.
  2. Commit – Commit to the 8-10 weeks of intensive discipleship.
  3. Reading Schedule – We give you a reading schedule that involves the following:
    1. Morning Devotional – 40 Days of Surrender.  Andrew Murray wrote it a century ago and I have edited it by breaking it down into a 40 day devotional.
    2. Evening reading – Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
    3. GoDisciple – It is published and available on Amazon in Book and Kindle format. This material is for your evening reading after Cost of Discipleship. It is also the material that I will teach through and you can use when you finish the 13 weeks. This is what you can use to continue discipling others.
    4. You will also be asked to Journal during your Journey.
    5. All of these materials can be found at Resource page.

Contact us for more information.